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Blogging and video content creation tips for attracting more customers

Nowadays, many businesses use blogging and video marketing as effective methods of reaching out to their target customers. When used correctly, videos can be powerful storytelling tools that will have a huge impact on your promotional campaigns. They can also help build trust between your company and customers since they shall be able to know your business at a much deeper level.

Likewise, blogging can be helpful in building your own personal brand name and keeping followers constantly engaged with your content. Nevertheless, there are certain core principles you should adhere to when blogging and creating video content for marketing in order to get greater visibility and increased conversions. Some of them include the following:-
I. Blogging
  • Create content that drives action
    • Your posts shouldn’t be general but rather specific and pointing to a particular target audience, the content also needs to be actionable so that readers are encouraged to seek more information or make a purchase after interacting with it. The call-to-action should be clear, concise and persuasive plus placed in the opening or closing paragraphs of your blog content where it’s much easier for readers to see it.
  •  Be consistent with your blog entries
    • For blogging to be effective, it shouldn’t be done once in a while but rather consistently in order to keep your readers constantly engaged with what you have to offer. Without consistency, followers will quickly lose interest in your blog and look for other alternative sites where they can get information more readily.
    • Additionally, it’s recommended to develop a schedule for posting your content rather than doing random updates. This way followers shall always be looking forward to reading your new content, rather than constantly guessing when it shall come out.
  • Write creative titles
    • Blog titles are just as important as the content and actually help to drive traffic. Therefore, you need to be creative when developing them and also ensure that your main keywords are found inside. As a general principle, your title shouldn’t contain more than 10 words so that search engines can give it a top priority in their listings.
    • Additionally, your title should be related to the blog content so that readers don’t get confused with messages that contradict each other.
  •  Keep your posts simple
    • Typically, readers don’t want to waste their time going through lengthy posts with all the main points scattered everywhere. The best strategy is to give quick tidbits that are useful to them and then accompany it with a video for further clarification.
    • The average attention span for most readers is 5 minutes, so ensure that your content doesn’t take much longer than this to go through.
II. Video content
Statistics show that video streaming will account for 80pct of all online traffic by the year 2019. Moreover, 87pct of all digital marketers use this platform for brand promotion. Here are some of the winning video strategies you can use today:-
  • Hire a professional commercial video agency for production
    • Sometimes, it’s better to get an expert who can do for you the videos, so as to avoid recording mistakes that may otherwise present your brand in a bad light. A well-done video requires multiple dimensions such as visuals, text, sound, motion, setting, and performances which all need time and investment.
    • You also need crew for a wide range of duties such as scriptwriting, directing, special effects, equipment setup and video editing who may not be available in-house thus the need to outsource.
  • Engage with viewers
    • Your videos should have a conversational tone that will strike a chord with customers. Try to be witty and fun when making your presentations so that the viewers can develop some rapport with you.
    • Additionally, it’s recommended to say thank you at the end of your recording, so that customers can feel appreciated for the time spent watching your content. This is also a great way of increasing the viewers’ retention rate.
In terms of sharing, one of the most effective video content distribution channels is social media. You can share your recordings directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or even Instagram, where they also have the potential of going viral if the content is interesting to most people. Similarly, you can post video links on your website or company emails where customers can easily access them for viewing.
To summarize, both blogging and video content can help drive traffic to your business when used properly. Moreover, they are open for everyone to use them since they’re very affordable marketing strategies.
Written by: Michael Moreno
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