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Tips for effective engagement with customers on social media

Social media is increasingly being used by marketers to promote their brands since it’s affordable, simple to use and has greater return-on-investment compared to other channels. Statistics show that Facebook is the most popular social network with approximately 1.49 billion daily active users, which makes it a great tool for promoting content. On the other hand, Twitter has approximately 326 million monthly active users and LinkedIn over 260 million as well.

For startup companies, social media can make a valuable tool for creating awareness and keeping customers interested in your brand. Below are some useful ways of engaging customers on social media:
I) Facebook
One of the easiest ways to capture customers’ attention on Facebook is by broadcasting live or making videos. Experts believe that videos have higher engagement capacity compared to photos and written posts since they usually keep viewers immersed in the recorded content.
Live Facebook Videos are even better since they are likely to get 6 times more interactions compared to regular recordings, you only need to be creative by adding a little bit of humor where possible and revealing your personality through the brand.
Another effective strategy you can use is asking questions to the readers so that they can kick off interesting conversations on the comments thread. For instance, you can post a random question on your Facebook wall stating “What do you like most about our brand?” and then let customers add their own comments below which you can later read to better understand their needs.
Similarly, ensure that you respond to fans as much as possible if they comment on your posts. Nobody likes to be ignored on social media no matter how trivial their comments may seem to you, by responding to them it shows that you acknowledge their contribution and this shall make them more engaged with your brand.
Nevertheless, if it’s impossible to keep up with all the Facebook comments coming in, then you can pick a few people from your company whose work would be to monitor and give feedback on all the posted comments. Sometimes, customers need just a simple recognition from the company in order to stay engaged, whereas in other cases you may have to give a more detailed reply and also do some follow up.
Moreover, it’s recommended to add a Very Responsive badge on your profile if you regularly use Facebook Messenger for texting. The emblem shows fans that you are reliable and quick to answer their questions and queries.
II. Twitter
Just like in Facebook, there are also a number of ways you can leverage Twitter to increase your business’s social media engagement. The greatest advantage of Twitter is that it allows you to engage in one-on-one chats with your customers on the public forum, plus you can also use trending hashtags to expand the conversation beyond your followers to other social-media users who may also be interested in the product.
To interact better with customers on Twitter, you should customize your content and choice of words to better represent the brand being marketed. You can also include a signature text at the end of your postings, so that readers may easily identify with them. This signature can be your brand name or even initials.
In addition, keep track of the most active VIP followers who engage with your Twitter content regularly, and share your posts within their own networks for more visibility. You can reward them with special offers such as price discounts, product bonuses and loyalty points, so as to continue keeping them engaged with your company.
III. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is currently the most popular networking site for professionals. Unlike other social media platforms, most LinkedIn users already know what they’re looking for on the site and are only interested in finding the best option among many.
Therefore, to make your content stand out and draw increased engagement among customers, it’s recommended to post short and precise messages that are easy to digest and also take less time to read. You can also add videos lasting between 3 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the type of content you want to post.
Your LinkedIn postings should also be fun, knowledgeable and attention grabbing in order to be valuable to readers.
To summarize, social media is a great marketing tool that when used correctly can improve your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. As a startup company, it’s recommended to actively promote your brand on several social media networks so as to reach a wider audience with your product.
Written by: Michael Moreno
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