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Digital Marketing Techniques That Really Work


Digital marketing still stands out as one of the best and most affordable marketing avenues. If you are starting a business or have been in business for quite some time, you must be ready to invest in digital marketing. However, unlike other forms of marketing, digital marketing is fast-paced; technology changes at such a fast rate that you may be left behind without knowing what to do next. The things that made an impact on digital marketing a decade ago are now obsolete. While it is important to hold on to some traditional values, you must always be on the lookout to find out what is trending and which marketing strategy works for you. In this post, we explore some essential digital marketing tips that guarantee results.

Partner With Other Brands
In all types of marketing, it is advisable to partner with a similar brand- especially if your brand does not have the financial muscle to stand alone. A lot of startups team up on marketing to enhance mutual support and growth. This does not include teaming up with your competitors but instead team up with complementary brands. For instance, if you are a software developer, you can team up with a hardware developer or vendor. Such a mutual relationship will help cut down the cost of marketing and increase your brand’s reach in the long run.

Use Social Media
There are two main types of social media marketing. You can use paid social media marketing or free marketing. With paid marketing, you use advertisements such as Facebook Ads. On the other hand, you can use social media for marketing without paying a single cent. When you set up your website, ensure that you also set up as many social media pages as possible. Have an official page on most of the leading social media sites. Since most of the targeted customers are on social media, set up marketing campaigns where possible. You can use some pages to market products and interact with customers while others are for marketing the brand. For instance, Facebook is an excellent site to do advertisements that sell the brand and the products. On the other hand, Twitter gives you a good platform to find followers for other social pages and drive traffic to your site.

Promote On Coupon Deal Sites
Offers and promotions are a great way of attracting customers. You can create giveaways and coupons and promote them on social media and coupon deal sites. Coupon deal sites are used by all types of businesses including the big brands. If you are introducing a new product to the market, it is advisable to have some free giveaways or offer significant discounts. There are many coupon sites that give you the chance to advertise. The primary purpose of such marketing is to create awareness for small brands that are little known.

Use Gooogle and Create Facebook Ads
Most marketers have to choose between Facebook and Gooogle ads when creating marketing campaigns. If you have money, you can use both sites since they offer a considerable amount of traffic. In a nutshell, Facebook and Google sites are the leading paid advertisement sites. You can use paid adverts for marketing your brand anywhere in the world. The beauty of PPC ads is that you do not have to spend what you do not have. With Google and Facebook ads, you only pay as much as you want to spend per day. You can set your daily budget as low as $5. There are several factors to consider when setting up paid advertising campaigns. For instance, you must choose the target market and set the goal of your campaign. Paid advertising campaigns can be geared towards brand awareness, making sales, popularizing social media platforms and so on.

Use Direct Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing techniques that are still relevant today. However, the way email marketing is done today is very different. Spamming potential buyers with emails may not help you with anything. You must have a clear strategy before you start sending emails. You should first develop a plan of tracking down leads, create a comprehensive email list and start creating custom emails that are well crafted.

Although digital marketing is one of the most effective and affordable marketing options, it is not a walk in the park. You cannot achieve results just by creating a scrappy website and posting marketing content that does not meet the customer’s expectations. You must invest your time and money into building your website, social media pages, and develop content that will sell your products and brand.

Written by: Michael Moreno

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