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Do business owners make good marketers?

The field of marketing has transformed dramatically over the past 20 years. As a recent college grad, I recall working with the Marketing Department as a financial analyst. At the time, my main concern was controlling costs as the Marketing Department was notorious for going over budget on events like Comdex.

Back in the late nineties, many marketing departments focused on general awareness, advertising, PR, and events. At least that was what Cirrus Logic was focused on back then. Fast forward to 2019, and you have many of the same elements, but technology is the driving force that is forcing businesses to either keep up or get run over by competitors who adopt more agile marketing techniques.

As a business owner, are you keeping up?

The keys to success

Many of us are well aware of the keys to success. If not, one can search on google, and you will find all the wisdom in the world on this topic. One of the most common pieces of advice on success is the guidance to focus on what you do best. (Read the article: To Be Successful, Do Only What You Do Best)

For many entrepreneurs, focusing on what they do best is what helped them get started in the first place. Yet, over the past few years marketing the products and services related to entrepreneurial expertise has become increasingly difficult. Why is that? Because marketing is far more dynamic than it used to be.

Today, you need to know how to use social media, web design, copywriting, landing pages, email marketing, data analysis, online advertising, SEO, and video editing to maintain relevance. I don’t know about you, but for most people, this is a lot of work. Even as a seasoned marketer you have to keep up to date on the various algorithm changes by Facebook and Google if you want to keep an edge up on the competition.

Time – do you have any?

Time is a precious commodity. On most days there just isn’t enough to do everything that needs to be done for the customer. Now, do you have time to keep up with the recent Facebook changes? How about optimizing SEO? Do you have time to search for compelling stock images for your next blog post? Do you even blog?

All of these questions are critical in today’s marketing landscape. If you can’t answer them then maybe it is time to reach out for some help.

At Blair Allen, we specialize in all aspects of Digital Marketing. If you are ready to start adding new clients and growing revenue, give us a call.

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Author: Michael Moreno, CSO at Blair Allen


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