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Do you have time for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

Time is a valuable resource and we all know “time flies” when we’re having fun. As a business owner, time is your livelihood. It allows you to build your products, service your customers, and catch some much-needed sleep. So how do you find the time to engage with prospects on social media?

First off, it can be done.

Here are three simple tips that make it easy to find the time needed to be social on social media.

Document, Don’t Create

Creating new content is difficult if you aren’t a wiz at using Adobe Photoshop or After Effects. But you don’t always have to create something new. In fact, many social media gurus suggest you simply document your process versus creating highly produced content.

A good example of this process in action is what you see in how The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) uses Instagram to document everything from his morning work out to his cheat meals.


Obviously, he is a celebrity and has the luxury of repurposing existing content but many of his posts are just him explaining what he does. You can do the same and it takes almost no time out of your day.

Keeping up to date

Do you read the news? Most successful people stay up to date on what is happening in the world so they can make better decisions. It could be as simple as knowing about the weather or understanding what is impacting your industry.

If you follow the news, then simply share the article you are reading on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can make it a daily habit to share two news articles per day related to your area of focus. How easy is that?

Reuse it

Many businesses have a star player who is an excellent speaker or writer. Perhaps there have videos of them presenting at last year’s sales conference. Maybe they are passionate about your product or service and have a blog on Medium where they provide detailed explanations about various topics your customers would be interested in. Anyway, you can find this content and reuse it!

With Apple iMovie, almost anyone can splice a few seconds of video and make a quick Facebook or Youtube video. Simply splice ten seconds of video and share in your next Facebook post!

Still not convinced?

We can help. Blair Allen has a team of marketing specialists who can automate your social media and help create a social media strategy that saves time while creating new sales opportunities.

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Author: Michael Moreno, CSO at Blair Allen Agency


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